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Relative to incandescent, fluorescent and other old generation of light-emitting equipment, LED's advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1.LED light source high luminous efficiency
LED light effect can be sent to 50-200 lumens / watt, and light monochromatic good, narrow spectrum, without filtering, can be issued directly colored visible light.

2.LED light source less power consumption
LED single tube power 0.03-0.06 watts, using DC drive, single tube drive voltage 1.5-3.5 volts. Current 15-18 milliamps reflect the speed, can be used in high-frequency operation, with the same lighting effects in the case, the power consumption is one thousandth of incandescent, fluorescent tube half of the same effect of a Branch fluorescent lamp 40 watts, while the use of LED power each only 8 watts.

3.LED light source long life
LED lamp with small size, light weight, epoxy resin package, can withstand high-strength mechanical shock and vibration, not broken, the average life expectancy of 100,000 hours, LED lamp life of up to 5 - 10 years, can greatly reduce the maintenance costs of lamps To avoid frequent change of light.

G55 Led Bulb

4.LED use low-voltage direct current can be driven, the use of lower environmental requirements.

5.LED in the production process do not add "mercury", very environmentally friendly.

6.LED light source safe and reliable
Low heat, no heat radiation, cold light source, you can safely touch, can accurately control the light and light angle, light color and, no glare, mercury, sodium and other substances that may harm health.

7.LED light source environmentally friendly
LED is a solid solid body, the impact is not broken, waste can be recycled, no pollution to reduce a large number of sulfur dioxide and nitrides and other harmful gases and carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to improve people living environment, can be called "green lighting.
led spotlight
8.LED response time is very fast at the microsecond level.

9. Energy saving is the main reason to consider the use of LED light source, although the LED light source than the traditional light source is expensive, but with a year of energy-saving light source to recover the investment, resulting in 4-9 years several times a year of energy-saving net income period.

10. The size of the LED components can be made very small, more convenient for a variety of equipment layout and design.

The emergence of white LED, LED from the logo function to the lighting function of the substantive step. White LED closest to the sun, better reflect the true color of the object, so from a technical point of view, white LED is undoubtedly the most cutting-edge LED technology. White LED application market will be very wide, but also replace the incandescent tungsten bulb and fluorescent lamp killer.

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