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Why do people like LED? Because of its environmental protection, power saving.

1. Incandescent lamp is about 15LM/W, the general household light bulbs for the 25W and 40W.
25W is equivalent to the value of 375LM.
How about LED products? Currently on the market 1W can do 100LM, 3W on the 300LM.That is, 3W equivalent to 20W incandescent lamp.

2, Color Rendering Index, incandescent are below Ra75. The Best CRI is Ra100.
The CRI is higher, the luminous is lower.
Yunsun LED Bulb refers to the CRI80/CRI90.

3, The Integral Ball, that is for lm/ra testing.
high-quality LED bulb requirements even double 85, that is CRI must over Ra85, light efficiency should be done more than 85lm/w.

A good LED products, in addition to selling good. The data must be beautiful,high refers to the high light effect is the most seeking

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